Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Delhi

Nesho Recycling is the biggest lithium-ion battery recycling company in Delhi. We have skilled employees to handle the recycling of complex things like a lithium-ion battery which is harmful to nature if doesn’t recycle properly.

Lithium Ion battery Disposal in Delhi
lithium battery recycling in Delhi

We as a lithium battery recycling dealer in Delhi aims to save natural resource by recycling the old ones to use in developing new ones also we are not new to it but have an experience of almost 55 years in the industry and still counting.

Lithium battery recycling in Delhi is mainly done in three steps to achieve a better result these steps include Pyrometallurgy (smelting), Hydrometallurgy (leaching), Direct recycling (physical processes)

lithium battery recycling dealer in Delhi

FAQ - Common Questions Related To Lithium Battery Recycling In Delhi

Consumers can also dispose of their used primary and rechargeable batteries, chargers, and PUCS within the collection network which generally includes drop-off facilities at municipal depots, businesses, institutions, etc.

Recycling processes today recover approximately 25% to 96% of the materials of a lithium-ion battery cell. In order to achieve this goal, several steps are combined into complex process chains, while ensuring safety.

All the components of a Li-ion battery have value and can be reused to develop new ones instead of exhausting new resources to develop new batteries.

The benefits of lithium-Ion batteries recycling are

  • Recover Non-Renewable Resources
  • Keep harmful materials out of the environment
  • Reduces the landfills Caused by electronic waste
  • Recycling Reduces The Need For Raw Materials And Conserves Resources
  • Battery recycling promotes the reuse of materials in producing new batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are made from minerals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese. Currently, cobalt, manganese, and nickel are often recovered. Lithium may also be recovered, but it often must be further processed for it to be used again.

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